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Are you looking for an independent, reliable and highly competent partner to support development of national greenhouse gas mitigation strategies? Are you involved in designing new climate policy instruments to mobilize mitigation or adaptation, and in assessing their impact from the environmental and/or business perspective? Do you want to understand how to access multi- and bilateral climate finance? Do you need advice regarding international climate negotiations? Or do you need support in development of project documentation or baseline and monitoring methodologies in international and regional carbon markets?


We at Perspectives offer the high quality, comprehensive and tailor-made solutions you need for your climate policy and carbon market activities.

Our highly qualified staff can build on two decades of experience and expertise to make your climate change mitigation and adaptation policy instruments and GHG-reduction activities best practice - and resounding, publicly recognised successes.


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News 28/11/2016

Perspectives' evaluation of COP22 Marrakech is now available

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News 25/11/2016

Design of climate policy worldwide

Axel Michaelowa contributes section on key research lessons on design of international and national climate policy instruments

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News 23/11/2016

Evaluating COP22 in Marrakech

Axel Michaelowa serves as key international expert for workshop on outcomes of the Marrakech COP in Hanoi, Vietnam

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News 10/11/16

Perspectives has finalised a study on Cobenefits for UBA

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News 04/11/2016

Green Climate Fund proposal support for Ethiopian sustainable cities programme

Perspectives supports Ethiopian Ministry of Finance in designing a greenhouse gas mitigation programme for medium-sized cities

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News 04/11/16

Effects of the aviation market mechanism on the UAE

Axel Michaelowa discusses how the United Arab Emirates could engage in the market mechanism recently agreed for international aviation

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News 03/11/2016

Cement NAMA in Vietnam

Energy efficiency and alternative fuel measures key components of NAMA developed with Perspectives support

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