Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH

Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH is a non-profit, independent think-tank with the aim to promote global environmental protection – in particular through effective climate policies on a national and international level - as well as the promotion of science and research in this area.


We conduct scientific research projects and events in the areas of international and national climate policies, protection of the environment and energy policy. Doing so, we are covering all aspects of it - from understanding anthropogenic climate change, assessing technologies and policy instruments for climate change mitigation as well as adaptation to climate change impacts.


We generate, analyse and publish relevant information about these topics and derive political recommendations for the public sector as well as private companies. A special focus of our internationally oriented work is directed on market-based mechanisms and innovative mitigation and adaptation policies.


By means of own scientific publications and through partnerships, cooperation and joint projects with other institutions which have committed themselves to the implementation of climate protection policies, we help to advance the research frontier and to transform theoretical knowledge into practice.


The main objective of our work and expertise is to contribute to an effective progress in the international climate policy on all policy levels and thus help achieve the ultimate goal of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC): the prevention of dangerous anthropogenic climate change.


In our work we are putting priority on high quality output and ecological integrity. Our highly qualified staff members with up to 20 years’ experience in the relevant topics ensure a high standard of excellence.




Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH

Hugstetterstrasse 7

79106 Freiburg i. Br.



Managing Director / Geschäftsführung

Dipl.-Ing. Sonja Butzengeiger-Geyer


Head of Research / Wissenschaftliche Leitung

Dr. Axel Michaelowa


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