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Benefits and costs of lockdowns – Public communication on Coronavirus – Global overview by Congressional Research Service, 24 to 29 October, 2020

Unemployment in the US:

Global overview as per Oct. 27, by Congressional Research Service:

The global recovery from the coronavirus recession remains intact but is patchy across economies and may be faltering in some as the lifting of restrictions stalls or goes into reverse. The global rebound is also uneven across sectors, with services remaining the big problem area. Risks of a double-dip seem especially great in parts of Europe where service sector indicators have dropped back into contractionary territory and mobility indicators have flattened off. World goods trade it rose ~10% in Q3 but is very uneven across economies and industries. China’s strong trade recovery stands out, helped by a surge in demand for some Chinese products such as textiles, pharma, and electronics (Oxford Economics).

Negative repercussions of “vaccine nationalism”, estimated at hundreds of billion $ while cost for a globally equitable vaccine strategy reaches just 25 billion $:

Benefits and costs of lockdowns, with African examples:

Recommendations for recovery in Africa:

How public communication on Coronavirus should look like, discussing experience in the UK: