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BP commits towards its net-zero carbon ambitions, 11 to 17 May 2020

Net-zero carbon ambitions in Beyond Petroleum. The new CEO of BP in an interview with the Guardian, states commitment to steering BP towards its net-zero carbon ambitions, set out earlier this year, is deeper due to the crisis. “We’re all living and working differently right now. Not all of that will stick, but some of it will stick for sure. The question I have is whether consumers will consume less, and I think there is a possibility that they will. I think [the corona crisis] will remind people of the fragility of the ecosystem that we work in; people are looking up at the skies and seeing less pollution, and I do hope that there will be an even greater appreciation for nature as we move forward, which should keep the climate at the forefront of public debate,” (however: beware – a past CEO coined the slogan BP = Beyond Petroleum, but not much happened).