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Climate friendly German recovery programme – Costa Rica sticks to green recovery – Fall of photovoltaic costs, 1 to 7 June 2020

Photovoltaic costs The German green recovery programme Costa Rica green recovery programme


Photovoltaic costs. Photovoltaic costshave fallen by 20% in 2020 already due to a price war of Chinese manufacturers.

The German green recovery programme. The German recovery programme is surprisingly climate friendly (total volume ~20 billion €), with car acquisition subsidies of 6000 €/car limited to electric vehicles, 2.5 billion € investment in electric vehicle infrastructure, car registration tax  linked to emissions intensity, 2 billion € buildings efficiency and a 7 billion € green hydrogen infrastructure programme as well a 2 billion international green hydrogen support. Otherwise, it knocks off 3% of VAT, see

Costa Rica green recovery programme. In its recovery policy, Costa Rica stresses the response to climate change, see