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France subsidises electric/hybrid cars – UN climate conference officially delayed – EU recovery program contains climate friendly elements, 25 to 31 May

EU recovery | The UN climate conference | Subsidies for electric and hybrid cars

EU recovery. The EU Commission proposes a 0.750 trillion € recovery programme, with 0.5 in trillion grants financed by bond issuance, with green strings, and suggestions of various new taxes to finance repayment of bonds, including border carbon adjustment. For the details of the proposal see  and
For an overview of the climate friendly elements of the EU recovery programme see

Subsidies for electric and hybrid cars (France). France gives 1 billion € in subsidies to encourage purchases of electric and hybrid cars and set a target of producing 1 million green cars annually by 2025.

The UN climate conference. The UN climate conference in the UK is officially postponed by 1 year to November 2021.