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Nobel Laureate Stiglitz on the design of recovery programmes – State of the US economy – Policies to support airlines, 30 October to 5 November, 2020

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz on the design of recovery programmes:

Nearly 2/3 the population of Slovakia, >3.6 million people was tested on the weekend. The programme involved more than 40,000 testers and 5000 test sites yielded 1.1% positive results. Anyone not participating must self-isolate in their home for 10 days under the threat of a fine. Problems with the approach are discussed in .

In the run-up to the US presidential election: state of the US economy:

A mutation of the virus has been generated in Denmark’s mink farms and jumped to at least 12 people. The mutation may reduce effectiveness of vaccines. The government has thus decided that all 17 million animals will be killed, destroying 40% of the world fur supply, and generating economic loss of 0.8 billion €: ,

The combination of mask use, testing, tracing and clear political planning at the highest level characterizes the countries that have beaten the epidemic to date:

Implications of the pandemic on international security, from an US perspective:

Impacts of the pandemic on air transport, and policies to support airlines, from an EU perspective: