Press Release: New Nordic dialogue to promote best practice in voluntary compensation

The Nordic Dialogue on Voluntary Compensation will bring key Nordic stakeholders together to co-create a robust and coherent Nordic approach to voluntary compensation of greenhouse gas emissions that can inform carbon neutrality efforts at the Nordic, EU and global levels and contribute to the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

An international team led by Perspectives will launch the Nordic Dialogue on Voluntary Compensation in spring 2021, funded by a grant from the Nordic working group for Climate and Air (NKL) of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic Dialogue on Voluntary Compensation will focus on promoting the robust, coherent and transparent use of voluntary compensation of greenhouse gas emissions as part of efforts towards and beyond carbon neutrality in the Nordic region and globally. It will foster a common knowledge base and understanding on key issues and concepts relevant to voluntary compensation, including through a synthesis of relevant existing national-level and international activities and a glossary of key terms and concepts. The dialogue will bring together key Nordic stakeholders and provide a structured and inclusive space for co-creating recommendations and action points for a Nordic best practice approach to voluntary compensation that is consistent with the principles and long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.

The Nordic region is ideal for pioneering a robust and coherent regional approach to voluntary compensation because of the high climate ambition, shared values, strong cooperation tradition and long-standing carbon market experience of Nordic actors – both public and private”, says Hanna-Mari Ahonen, the dialogue’s Helsinki-based project manager and a Senior Consultant at Perspectives.

The dialogue will draw on, and contribute to, ongoing global efforts to safeguard the integrity of carbon markets in the era of the Paris Agreement and their contribution to the Paris Agreement’s long-term goals of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees and mobilising finance for the required transformation.



In the Helsinki Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality of January 2019, Nordic countries committed to ”intensify their cooperation to […] encourage Nordic companies, investors, local governments, cities, organizations and consumers to step up their efforts towards carbon neutrality”, which could include voluntary compensation with Nordic and international mitigation activities.

Worldwide, countries and companies face similar challenges relating to the lack of oversight, transparency, coordination and robust accounting of voluntary compensation activities. These can undermine trust in, and incentives for, ambitious voluntary climate action. International cooperation is needed to address these challenges in a consistent manner across countries, sectors and actors.



The Nordic Dialogue on Voluntary Compensation will be facilitated by an international team of leading climate experts from four companies:

  • Perspectives, focusing on driving transformational climate action through ambitious climate targets, policies and carbon markets, headquartered in Germany with experts across Europe (including Finland)
  • Carbon Limits, specialised in climate change mitigation policies and strategies, headquartered in Norway
  • Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL), focusing on ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable growth within the business world and society at large, headquartered in Sweden
  • Tyrsky Consulting, specialised in climate change, resource efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources, headquartered in Finland


For more information, please contact:

Hanna-Mari Ahonen, Senior Consultant, Perspectives Climate Group and Perspectives Climate Research


Mobile: +358 40 768 1099


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