Avoiding Double-Counting and Supporting Host States in the Voluntary Carbon Market

The Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima guide, "Avoiding Double-Counting and Supporting Host States in the Voluntary Carbon Market," prepared by Perspectives Climate Group and Future Camp, has been published.

The guide explains the links between Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement and the voluntary carbon market. In particular, the avoidance of double counting, i.e. the double claiming of emission reductions achieved towards different mitigation targets, plays a central role. Until an agreement on rules for Article 6 is reached at the international climate negotiations, regulatory gaps will remain at the voluntary market.

The aim of the Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima`s guide is to provide guidance in the context of these prevailing regulatory uncertainties and to support stakeholders in using the instrument of voluntary offsetting to make effective contributions to climate protection and sustainable development. The guide offers clear recommendations to avoid double counting of emission reductions when purchasing carbon credits on the voluntary market and using it for offsetting purposes or as a climate finance contribution.

Check out the report here.