Mobilising private climate finance for sustainable energy access and climate change mitigation in Sub-Sahara Africa

Axel Michaelowa, Stephan Hoch, Anne-Kathrin Weber and Ruth Kassaye publish article on private investments in the energy sector in Sub-Sahara Africa.

This paper assesses how UNFCCC-backed climate finance instruments have engaged private investment for energy-focused climate mitigation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Three case studies from Ethiopia, Madagascar and South Africa illustrate how climate finance interacts with domestic policy instruments, including in relation to the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, South Africa’s domestic renewable energy auctions, and the Green Climate Fund. The paper finds that there is no ‘catch all’ success model and approaches need to be tailored to local circumstances.

The article is an output of the ‘Private Sector Finance for NDC Implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa’ (PRINDCISSA) project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The article is available here.