NAMA Facility Donors Approve NSP in India

Axel Michaelowa and Sven Feige supported the development of the NSP "Waste Solutions for a Circular Economy" in India submitted to the NAMA Facility under the 5th Call for Projects.

Perspectives and consortium partners supported GIZ India since 2014 in the development of a NAMA in the waste sector in India. As a first outcome, a "Feasibility Study for a Waste NAMA in India" was prepared and published in 2015 (the publication is available here). Following a more detailed study related to "Co-Processing of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from municipal solid waste (MSW) in Cement Kilns in India" (prepared 2017) and the preparation of an Outline for submission to the NAMA Facility, Axel Michaelowa and Sven Feige continued supporting GIZ during the Detailed Preparation Phase of the NSP and the development of the final Proposal. The NSP seeks to transform the Indian waste sector by scaling up and de-risking investment, strengthening the waste regulatory framework and ensuring uptake of the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle concept of an integrated circular-economy waste management system.
The NAMA Facility notification is available here.