New report on carbon pricing opportunities in Senegal

Perspectives and the Senegalese consultancy Afrique Énergie Environnement find a carbon tax with careful redistribution as most promising carbon pricing opportunity for Senegal.

With intense stakeholder consultation in the second half of 2018, we realized a study for the Ministry of Environment of Senegal, financially supported by the CIACA (Collaborative Instruments for Ambitious Climate Action) Initiative .We closely collaborated with the West African Development Bank (BOAD), the UNFCCC Secretariat and the Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC) of Lomé. Our objective was to assess the relevance of different carbon pricing options and their respective revenue allocation options. The study found that a carbon tax is preferable to an emissions trading scheme, if a generally acceptable redistribution of revenues can be achieved. For carbon taxation in key emitting sectors, a roadmap has been defined. The publication can be found here