PoA Working Group: side event at the Africa Carbon Forum

The PoA working group led by Perspectives....

Perspectives organized a side event at the Africa Carbon Forum in Nairobi (Kenya) on 13th April 2017. Government and private sector speakers discussed the achievements of CDM PoAs in Africa so far and presented initiatives for up-scaling CDM to national policy programmes (e.g. Green School NAMA, Uganda). There was consensus among participants that ideally the CDM should be allowed to continue under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement for African countries. The event was moderated by Matthias Krey. Stephan Hoch made a presentation on the African contribution to the global CDM PoA pipeline and the prospects for those programmes to attract climate finance. 

The PoA Working Group is an expert body that focuses on scientific, regulatory and policy aspects of PoAs. It is supported by the German Environment Ministry (BMU) and organized by Perspectives since 2012. The original focus was on improving CDM PoA rules, but has evolved to assess relevance of programmatic approaches for climate finance and the Paris Agreement Article 6 mechanisms. It is an important platform for dialogue, exchange of experience and the coordination of measures to support PoAs.