Press release: Perspectives Climate Group and Nordic Offset begin a new collaboration

Nordic Offset strengthens its Science-Based Targets advisory service in cooperation with climate consulting company Perspectives Climate Group.

Nordic Offset and Perspectives Climate Group (‘Perspectives’) begin a new collaboration to offer companies comprehensive consulting services for climate and corporate social responsibility work. The collaboration will focus on providing companies tools and support in developing target emissions paths in line with the Science-Based Targets initiative.

Understanding the climate impact of business operations is an important part of environmental responsibility, and companies are increasingly taking climate change into account in their strategies. International climate agreements are driving national climate policies and legislation to restrict environmentally harmful and incentivise climate-friendly action by companies, creating incentives for long-term climate strategy planning.

One of the Paris Climate Agreement’s long-term goals is limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. The Science-Based Targets initiative, which was set up to align the business sector with the agreement’s goals, has already gathered more than 1,300 companies, of which over 480 have identified and committed to measures that are aligned with the 1.5-degree pathway.

To meet our clients’ needs in the dynamic landscape of climate policies and carbon neutrality strategies, we have launched a partnership with Perspectives Climate Group. Together, we provide companies tools and support in developing a science-based climate strategy, including defining a 1.5-degree emission pathway towards net-zero and carbon negativity.

“Cooperation with Perspectives enables us to offer our customers a wider range of advisory services related to corporate social responsibility and climate goals. We’ve seen steady growth in the demand for such co-operation for quite a while, as companies are paying more and more attention to reducing their climate impacts and achieving the Paris Agreement’s targets sustainably”, says Maija Saijonmaa, the Managing Partner of Nordic Offset.

“Our partnership offers an ideal combination of complementary strengths: Nordic Offset is a pioneer of voluntary compensation in the Nordic region while Perspectives has been at the forefront of international carbon markets and climate policy since their beginning", says Matthias Krey, Managing Director and head of business development and sales at Perspectives.

Perspectives Climate Group (Perspectives) provides world-class international climate policy research and consulting services to both the private and public sector. Perspectives consults the Taskforce for Scaling the Voluntary Carbon Market (TSVCM) and is engaged in the UNFCCC negotiations on international rules for market-based cooperation under the Paris Agreement (Article 6) and supporting the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) under the Paris Agreement. Perspectives is internationally recognised for its outstanding contribution to establishing and developing the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). In addition, Perspectives has a strong track record in greenhouse gas accounting and baseline development at the national, sectoral, and corporate level. Perspectives’ experts are located all over Europe, including in Helsinki.


Contact details:

Maija Saijonmaa

Managing Partner

Nordic Offset


Matthias Krey

Managing Director

Perspectives Climate Group