Curriculum vitae

Marjorie Ménard

Marjorie Ménard studied Agronomy Engineering with a major in environmental and water management. Before joining Perspectives, she worked as project manager for INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) on the assessment of the drinkable water quality protection policy at catchment level. Previously, Marjorie had worked in Australia, Spain and France for consultancies and research organizations focusing on issues like irrigation management and the added value of ecosystem and nature based services. She joined Perspectives bringing in her strong understanding of the impacts of climate change on food security and water resources management.

At Perspectives, the work focus of Marjorie Ménard lies on the development of i) national plans and policies for adaptation to climate change and ii) metrics for assessing the impacts of climate change adaptation projects in Spanish-, French- and English-speaking countries. She is a Certified Expert in Climate Adaptation Finance from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Moreover she supports the quantification of GHG emissions and mitigation scenarios as well as the development of MRV systems in several sectors, e.g. agriculture, solid waste, wastewater, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Marjorie is also experienced in leading capacity building activities and participatory processes with stakeholders.

Selected publications